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Service Design

Service design addresses the functionality and shape of services from the perspective of clients. It aims to ensure that service interfaces are useful, usable, and desirable from the client's point of view and at the same time effective, efficient, and distinctive for the supplier. Design thinking and innovative methods work as tools for co-creating services and desirable value propositions.

The Center

sedes-research is the Center for Service Design Research at the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences. Since 2006 it is acting as an institutional and organizational frame for service design research and projects. At sedes-research, we are designers who collaborate with experts from different areas and conduct national and international research projects.

Our Approach

At sedes-research we follow a collaborative hands on research approach that meets the requirements and needs of users and businesses alike to enhance a human-centered design. Our process is in its complexity strongly based on a practical design process. As researchers we use internationally established qualitative and empathic methodology and as designers we constantly develop new applied tools.

The design process

The sedes-research process generally follows 4 non-linear practice oriented phases. First we thoroughly explore the worlds of our targets. We mutually dive into the customers and industries living and working environments, in order to analyze their needs, wishes and everyday experiences. We also engage in theoretical reviews of scientific research as well as in social, cultural and economic trends. The insights of this thorough analysis are transformed into solution oriented services in the creation phase. Our scope ranges from the development of innovative ideas to prototyping service experiences and tangible evidences. In an extensive reflexion phase the feasibility of these concepts and prototypes is tested so it can ultimately increase the effectiveness of implementing the solutions. sedes|research aims at making service design visible and tangible and to bring scientific research to live.

Latest projects

Service Design Safari

Service Design Safari

Analyzing a university’s website using a service design approach
Make Move – Entering the world of work with more exercise

Make Move – Entering the world of work with more exercise

Interventions that promote physical activity

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